“4 Magical Steps!”

I learned about this 4 Magical Steps from Geshe Michael Roach, Chairman of the Diamond Cutter Institute. He is the best-selling author of “The Diamond Cutter” and shared how he used 2,500 year-old wisdom to build a US$250-million company that became part of super-investor Warrent Buffet’s business empire.

He generously shared his knowledge and experience at his talk in 2 evenings on August 28 & 29 in Singapore at Suntec City on “Mastering Your Mind”.

He shared these 4 magical steps on getting what you want in life!

1st Step: In one short sentence: “Just tell me what you want?” Know exactly what you want.

2nd Step: Find another person who wants the same thing! You must plant the “seed” in another person.

For example, if you want to be strong and young, help the sick people. If you want to find a partner, find a lonely person and help him or her.

3rd Step: Take them to Starbucks for tea or coffee for one hour! Give them help, support or good advice to help them get what they want.

4th Step. You go home at the end of the day, be happy of what good you’ve done and sleep with good thoughts.

I repeat the 4 magical steps again:

Step 1: What do you want?

Step 2. You must find someone who want what you want.

Step 3. Invite them to Starbucks, give help, support or good advice to help them get what they want.

Step 4. Meditation on your bed, today I did a good job, I brought that person to Starbucks and I planted the “seed”.

“Just plant the seed and relax!”

“If you want to make money, you must find a poor person to help.”

“If you want a business, help someone to start a business.”

“If you want money, give away money!”

“If you want time, give away time!”

“What makes the business successful is to help other people.”

“The person who meditate very day is a strong person. The mind is calm and clear.”

“If the “seed” is there, the money will come, you cannot stop it.”

His talk was very enlightening for me and I thought about my wonderful network marketing business that applies the second step, if you want to be successful in network marketing help people who want to be successful in network marketing!

For more information Geshe Michael Roach’s next visit, talk and retreat, visit: www.DiamondWisdom.sg and for his schedule and to join the mailing list, go to: www.DiamondCutterInstitute.com

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