“Step 4 – Understand how people think and why they do the things they do?”

Step 4 – Understand how people think and why they do the things they do?

When sharing the Jeunesse opportunity, the best way is to make a friend first, build relationship, find out what they want in life by using the F.O.R.M method before sharing the business opportunity.

Majority of people are very skeptical, doubtful and operate from fear, you have to get to know them better and win their trust by building relationship and getting to know them better. They are not interested in you, they are interested in themselves, it is human nature, they are thinking, “What’s in it for me?”

When you apply the F.O.R.M. method which is taught by many leaders in network marketing, you get to know them better by asking about their Family, Occupation, Recreation and Money Matters or The Message – what they really want in life. If you know they have children, talk about when was the last time they went on a holiday trip, where they usually like to go for their holidays?

On Occupation ask them about their job, how much they love it or hate it and what are the rewards and challenges, let them tell you so you know what they like and what they don’t like. A good question on Recreation, is to ask them this thought-provoking question, “If they have all the time and money in the world, where would they like to enjoy their holiday? or “If they have all the time and money in the world, what would they love to do?

From your questions, you will find out what are their dissatisfaction and what they really want in life and share with them that you know of a great opportunity that can give them exactly what they want, usually it boils down to more time, more money and the freedom to live their dreams! By asking questions, you are able to frame the opportunity to meet what they want in life, that makes it very attractive to them – it is pure psychology! People do not like to be sold, they love to buy.

Anthony Robbins shared at his seminar that people operate from fear of loss and pleasure and fear of loss is greater than pleasure. If you can communicate and paint a vivid picture of a recession where thousands have lost their jobs and most of them their savings can only last a few months and the limited options that are open to them. People are emotional being, they are more driven by pain than pleasure, they would want to avoid pain more than they seek pleasure.

Again there is skill involved in framing the questions and putting them across in such a way they would not find offensive or will take it personally. That is when you use the story of a third party or yourself, using the feel, felt, found method.

For example, “I can understand how you feel, I felt the same too at the beginning that this is no different from the many network marketing or MLM presentations that I have attended. When I study the business further I found that it is different because it is more of an ecommerce platform, people can buy online and join online, there is no need to carry stocks at all. And the support system is so professional and effective that it is able to attract successful entrepreneurs and professionals who earn linear income and are interested because they want to enjoy passive income and to have more time for themselves and their families.

Most people are basically a bit greedy at heart and they want more for less, so you have to make it clear to them the bulk discounts, advantages and benefits of ordering the business builder package instead of the basic package.

People do not like hard sell, they love heart sell, they will respond very well to you when they know you have their best interest at heart. Your job is not to decide for them but to communicate clearly what is best for them and let them decide the packages that they want. You can help them make the decision with a simple question, “Do you consider yourself a smart consumer, part-timer or a business builder? If they tell you they are a business builder then you tell them sincerely that the business builder packages will benefit them most.

If they tell you they are testing the water or a smart consumer or part-timer, than recommend the basic package where they can try a few products. It is like visiting a MacDonald’s restaurant where the crew at the counter will ask you, “Sir, would you like to have your drink small, medium or large?” and “Would you like to have fries to go with your meal?”. That second question has made MacDonald’s millions of dollars in sales! If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Learn to ask the right questions such as, “Can you see yourself earning a six-figure monthly income like some of the leader who went on stage?” and “Who you have in mind to be part of your team to build this global business?” From their answers you would know how serious they are about building the business.

Offer a Yes or Yes option, sometimes you have to make it easy for them to make a decision, “Would you like to start with the Ambassador Package or The 1-Year Jumbo Package?”

Paint a bright future ahead of living their dreams with their six-figure a month passive income. Clarity is power, a 100,000 a month passive income is much clearer than a six-figure income. “Can you imagine the lifestyle you will enjoy when you are earning a $100,000 a month passive income?”

What would be the dream car you will be driving?

Attend training as many times as possible because the more you learn, the more you will earn.

Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

P.S. If not now, when? If not you, who? It is not how to? It is always why do??

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